Wolf3D for PocketPC

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Wolfenstein 3D Title Screen

Wolfenstein 3D Ingame Screen

New release (v1.0, 20051209):
+ Added sound and music
(with 3D sound fx)
+ Lefthanded support
+ On-screen skinnable toolbar
+ Load and save game works now
+ Customizable buttons
+ Stylus freelook support (horizontal)
+ Saves your customized configuration
+ Cleaned up main menu
+ Nice new icon(s)
+ GAPI (accelarated) and NOGAPI (unaccelarated) support
(specify "nogapi" on the command line/shortcut to use unaccelarated mode)
+ No need to rename data files any more
+ Works on Windows Mobile 2003 (WM2003) & Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition (WM2003SE)
+ Should support VGA (640x480) and WM5 devices

Special thanks to d3m0n for his extensive beta testing

How to use:
Wolfenstein 3D Shareware & Spear of Destiny Demo:
Just install and play

Wolfenstein 3D Full & Spear of Destiny Full:
If you own these games, you may install the version which supports
full-version data-files; then just copy your files into the game folder and play.


Download Wolfenstein 3D or Spear of Destiny for PocketPC now


On 1/30/2010 3:51 PM , Anonymous said...

This does NOT contain the actual Wolfenstein game. Just some crap to get it to run on PPC I guess. A waste of time.