Safemode for Pocket PC

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What is SafeMode?

SafeMode for PocketPC is a system utility, designed to help you in certain situations when your PDA may freeze or enter a soft-reset loop. It behaves somewhat similar to the original Safe Mode on Windows PCs, by not loading 3rd party startup programs, today plugins or services. This way, you have the possibility of uninstalling programs that freeze your PocketPC.

How does it work?

After installation, the SafeMode Options page will be displayed. You can change the default SafeMode settings now, or later by choosing "SafeMode Settings" shortcut from "Programs".

The "Notification" group allows you to change the default SafeMode notification at boot time (that is, when the system informs you that you can enter SafeMode):
- By checking the "Sound" checkbox, the "Choose" and "Volume" options will be available. Pressing "Choose" will allow you to change the default notification sound. You can adjust the sound volume using the slider - this setting is independent of your current PDA volume. If "Sound" is unchecked, no sound will be played at boot time
- By checking the "Vibrate" checkbox, your PDA will vibrate for 3 seconds when you can enter SafeMode (This may not work for some devices)
- By checking the "Message" checkbox, you can edit the default message that will be displayed when you can enter SafeMode. If you uncheck this, you will see no message at boot time

The "Visual" group allows you to change the visual appearance of the SafeMode screen:
- Choosing "Theme" will display the current theme background as your SafeMode image
- Choosing "Custom image" allows you to select a custom image of your own as SafeMode background. You can do this by pressing the "Choose" button.
- Choosing "Plain color" allows you to define a preferred color as SafeMode background. A window will be displayed once you press the "Choose" button. You can adjust the color by moving the Red, Green and Blue sliders. The resulted color will be displayed below. Press "Apply" to save the color, or "Cancel" to keep the old color.

The "SafeMode Key" group allows you to change the hardware key that you are required to press at boot time to enter SafeMode.
- Press the "Choose" button. A window will appear, and you can press any hardware key. The name of the key will be displayed under "Current key". Press "Apply" to keep the selected key, or "Cancel" to keep the old one (NOTE: the default key is the "Action" key, which is generally in the middle of your navigation pad)

Once you're done configuring SafeMode, press "OK" to save the settings.