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This little utility will automatically detect if the SIM card of a smartphone or pocket pc was replaced. Star EnForcer will automatically send a SMS message to a previously specified phone number containing the new SIM IMSI and current location in hexa LAC-CID combination. The message will repeat every 30 minutes. How does it work:

- install the CAB in the phone/ppc memory (not the storage card). Make sure that you have installed it in \Program Files\SEF
- launch SEF - initially there is no password so press OK. Press Get IMSI. If a long number will appear then it means that the application is compatible with your smartdevice. Mostly C600 - based models should work, C500, Wizard PPCs etc
- input the phone number that you want to use in case your smartdevice is stolen (use a parent's mobile phone, a friend's etc)
- input a password
- press save
- press activate

Now... in case someone steals your phone the first thing they will do is to (obviously) replace the SIM. SEF will automatically detect that the SIM has been replaced by comparing IMSI information. After 30 minutes SEF will automatically send a SMS to the predefined phone number that will include the current SIM's IMSI and the current GSM location (LAC-CID combination in hexa). With the first information and the fact that you will clearly see the thief's phone number you can go to the network operator or the police. If the thief is using a SIM with a subscription he is nailed. If he is using a prepay SIM then at least you will draw comfort from the fact that the credit from that SIM will be drained in a few days because the fact that SEF will automatically repeat the message every 30 minutes (you will also be able to track the thief).



On 7/20/2007 7:22 PM , Anonymous said...

hi! ive installed the SEF application in my WM5 HP ipaq. when i click on the get IMSI, nothing happens. how do i remedy that? please email me at

thanks so much!

On 7/21/2007 12:09 AM , Anonymous said...

hello, that might be a compatibility issue

On 11/25/2007 10:23 AM , Roman said...

I think that this program is worthless, unless it does not go away after hard reset. Because whoever stole your headset will most likely reset the system to make sure that there is nothing that he doesn't want, is still in the system.