SMS Chat Update

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This is a preview of the latest version of my SMS Chat application. Anybody interested?

The latest version uses a webbrowser class so the fonts can now be customized to suite the users taste. e.g. color, size, weight, style.

* add/update a new number directly to your Contacts list.
* messages are numbered so it is easier to copy/paste/save a particular message line
* delete a message window
* easily save the last message sent to a particular text file in your SD
* paste a contact name and number from your Contacts list to your message box
* smileys are now supported (although it is still limited)
* sms group sending
* block unknown numbers' sms message
* blacklist numbers for sms
* incoming message tone volume is independent from the set volume of the unit
* sms sent counter
* option to show/not show incoming sms in the Inbox.
* call blocking with sms sending to VIP numbers

NOTE: SMS Chat works on WM5 OS only. I've tried it on a WM6 emulator and it worked but on an actual unit, the sms is not intercepted by the application (must be a bug or something.) The only solution for this is to use Mobile In The Hand API which costs too much for a freeware (i can't shoulder it alone.) If anybody would be interested in this application to work on 2003 and WM6 OS, a few donation would help a lot :-)

Thanks to bai Charlie for this great app!