Minimo CE

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The Minimo has been focused on code-size and runtime footprint reduction, small screen usablity, and porting to small consumer devices. We hope to make Minimo the browser of choice on small devices, or machines with limited system resources; taking advantage of Mozilla's support for a broad and comprehensive set of standards and the variety of content on the web, proven security, international support, and cross platform capability.

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You can start using Minimo for Windows Mobile 4.2 or 5.0 today. Simple download one of the following installers:

Windows Standard Installer.

Use this installer if you are installing Minimo from a Windows computer using ActiveSync.

Install Minimo for Windows Mobile now.

Windows Mobile CAB Installer.

If you do not have a Windows desktop, you can download the CAB installer. This you simply need to copy or download to your device. Then use Start -> File Explorer on your Window CE device to locate and run the CAB installer.

CAB installer for Minimo.