moBlue for Smartphone

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moBlue is a clever application that a lot have people have been waiting for. It is developed by nitramk and designed for NET CF 2. This unique application allows Incoming Bluetooth Files to be sent to a user designated folder!

moBlue Bluetooth control application for Smartphones released

moBlue is designed for WM5 Powered Smartphones with QVGA Screens but also requires NET CF 2 installed onto the device. One of the best things about the application is that it allows manual bluetooth control and is one which is well worth keeping.

Instructions for Use of moBlue :

1. Make sure you have .NET CF 2 installed on your device.
2. Install the app by running the .cab from a file manager on the Smartphone
3. Uncheck the box "Receive incoming beams" under Settings > Connections
4. moBlue will now control all your incoming requests instead.

You can download moBlue here.