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WM5NewMenu is the small app for Windows Mobile 5, originally created to substitute "New menu" that was presented on the previous versions of Windows Mobile (PocketPC 2002, 2003). It consists of two parts: the menu launcher and the settings applet.

Basically, it is configurable app launcher, with several preconfigured actions to create new items, such as SMS, MMS, Word document, Note, etc. These preconfigured actions were chosen to do same things as did the actions from original "New menu".

As app is fully configurable, new items/actions can be added via simple, intuitive, GUI (see screenshots). The items can be disabled or removed, their order can be changed.

Additionally, WM5NewMenu supports original "New menu" items. Some are by default in system, as they were before, but in Windows Mobile 5 they are not used. Default actions which come with WM5NewMenu do the same thing. But 3rd party application can add own "New menu" extension and therefore can be useful to have possibility to use such extension.

    Basic features:
  • - Lauching by selectable today key
  • - Simple configuration
  • - Support for original "New" items
  • - Landscape support
Download cab (85k) or download zip (32k)



On 12/04/2006 4:02 PM , Anonymous said...

I love the convenience!! Thank you!!