Webby - tab browsing utility

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Webby provides a powerful desktop-style browsing experience on the Pocket Pc platform. Besides tabbed browsing Webby automatically provides the ability to scale web pages using the two top microbrowsers, Skeezer.net and Google Mobile.

Unique Features

  • Tabbed Browsing (Multiple Seperate Browser Windows)
  • Superior High Speed Web Page Rendering (Microbrowsers)
    • Uses Google Mobile or Skweezer.net formatting automatically
  • Support for multiple resolutions, including Landscape Mode
  • Fast Scrolling!
  • "View Source" option
  • "View in Pocket IE" option
  • Optionally deletes temporary files on exit to save memory
  • Full screen browsing! (ie No address bar by default ;) )
  • Handy "Copy Address To Clipboard" function for easy integration with rss readers
  • "Quick Link" builder that helps stylus users quickly enter web addresses

Other Features

  • Full compatibility with Pocket Internet Explorer
  • Favorites are synched with Pocket IE's "Mobile Favorites" feature
  • Homepage is shared with Pocket IE
  • Delete Temporary Internet Files function
  • Weird looking Toolbar icons!
  • 100% Managed code
  • Less than 90K in size!
  • Ability to save links to files! (Without attempting to open them like Pocket IE does...)
  • Uses Exciting Next Generation .NET Compact Framework 2.0
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1. First you'll need the .NET Compact Framework 2.0. You can get it here
2. Download and install Webby


thanks to da_mayhem for the info