Himalaya WM5 rom - HW buttons fixed

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Removed certification and security prompt on install.
*You can now install all you want (keyboards skin , dialpad skins ... and much more)
Improved caching.
Error Reporting already disabled
ArcSoft MMS included with account automaticly created
SmartDialing included
SoftKeyAppletEx included in Personnal setting
GBSoftTweak included in System setting
SmsAlertFix included
ScreenRotateFix included with trayicon
BT suspend fix included
Xbackup Icon removed
2nd Power icon removed
Persistent Save Icon is here but desactivated
Hardware Buttons fix included

i think that's all at this time

A big big thanks to :
- BuzzLightyear for a lot of tips and tricks and to show me the way !!
- Mamaich for the tools that permit me to make this rom !!
- DotFred for the buttons fix!!
- All users that help me and support me in this work !!

hey hey !!
I've changed the strategy name :

3 versions :
- 2.01a00WWE
* Rom with 128 Mb ram , no ramdisk
- 2.01a32WWE
* Rom with 96 Mb ram and 32 Mb ramdisk
- 2.01a64WWE
* Rom with 64 Mb ram and 64 Mb ramdisk

Well , the two last numbers are for the ramdisk size

here , the links




that's all !!!

just download , flash your device , and enjoy