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File Name :: PhoneReboot
Author :: mayo98
Category :: Utilities - Phone Management
Description ::
Application lets you reboot or turnoff your phone via the instead of pressing your phone button.

I made this because I find pressing my button troublesome everytime I need to reboot it.

You can also schedule th rebooting by running either of this command :

PhoneReboot.exe /restart
PhoneReboot.exe /shutdown

(You need a scheduler (such as XBar) to take advantage of scheduling. Auto schedule may be provided on the next version, depending on the demand of the software and time I have)

Requires .NET CF 1.0
NET CF 1.0 is installed by default for devices using Smartphone 2003 and above. Smartphone 2002 needs to download and install .NET CF from Microsoft.

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thanks oldSAP for the info