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I came across to this website and saw a handfull of freeware games written by the owner of the site.

Here is the list:

Tristate 1.0 Work out the hidden circuit by flicking switches
MasterMind 1.0 Play the seventies classic at three levels
Traffic Jam 1.0 40 puzzles from easy to difficult
Stormy Seas1.0 40 ocean going brain testers
Thieves 1.0 Addictive patience game
Rubik Cube 1.1 Can you still remember how to do it? Thankfully silent!
6 Wheels 1.0 Deceptively difficult to finish
Planks 1.0 Outward-bound puzzle for your armchair
Backslip 1.1 Slide the marbles front and back into their correct slots
Mahjongg 1.1 Classic patience game. Good eyesight recommended!

Fiendish15 1.1 A new twist on the slider puzzle game.
Reverse Pegs 1.1 Classic Wooden Puzzle with new levels
Windmill 1.0 When the arms turn the balls get hopelessly mixed up.
Maze1 1.1 Randomly generated maze with defective lighting.
Jugs 1.0 Share the contents of a beer jug without getting wet.
7Wheels 1.0 Match the spots on 7 discs
Tricky Disk 1.1 It's a disk and it's tricky.
Su-doku 1.0 Play this hit puzzle on the move.
Rainbow 1.0 New Corral the balls in their correct positions
RackEmUp 1.0 New Sort the balls into coloured rows.

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