DukWite for Smartphone and Pocket PC

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Created for the MobiSmart Programming Contest, DukWite is a very challenging action/puzzle brand new 2D scrolling game.
Your goal is to reach the exit door in each level.
Will you succeed in beating all the levels?

Pick up, move and file blocks (round, movable blocks) to create staircases and make your way to the exit door.

The levels become increasingly harder and more complex to solve, and you will need to use strategy and experimentation with your placement of the blocks in order to solve a level.

  • numerous Levels (each next level is harder and more challenging)
  • Volume Control
  • Language selection (English/French)
  • Auto-save game (load game to start previous game)
  • Addicting musics
  • Original color graphics
  • And DukWite is Freeware!
This fun and entertaining game will keep you addicted and playing until you have beaten all the levels!


Compatible with all Windows Mobile 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 devices.

Free Download:
DukWite 1.0 for Smarthpone
DukWite 2.2 for Pocket PC