1) wordnet: any of the machine-readable lexical databases modeled after the Princeton WordNet
2) WordNet, Princeton WordNet: a machine-readable lexical database organized by meanings; developed at Princeton University

noun WordNet has 2 sense(s) Overview of WordNet

Welcome to my online dictionary/thesaurus. This is an interface to the popular WordNet, and has more advanced features than WordNet 2.1. Searching goes further in Advanced Search, where you have access to searches for wildcard, regular expression, anagram, scrabble® and sounds like. Any word you choose from the list that is returned from an advanced search is placed in the search box of this page when you return. A subsequent search on this page will return the meaning of a word retrieved from advanced search. All results are formatted and colour-coded, and all searchable words are hyperlinked, making it convenient to 'drill down' on a particular meaning.

Although there are already online versions of WordNet, I believe this is the first implementation in ASP.NET. This online version has most of the same capabilities as the original WordNet browser, my Pocket PC version of WordNetCE, my Desktop version WordNetDT and my Smartphone version called WordNetCE-SP.