FitalyLetris for Pocket PC

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FitalyLetris is a training game to help speed text input into the Pocket PC.

The idea of FitalyLetris is to write the words that fall down. To complete a word, enter a space after it.

There are several modes — Test, Drill, Game — that focus on different demands and therefore handle speed and other parameters in different ways.

FitalyLetris is word-oriented — at places, even sentence-oriented. So you should not feel bound to enter character per character but learn to write words as patterns. This is key to improving your speed.

Fast Fitaly users already identify the next word pattern on the Fitaly keyboard as they tap the current word.

Use with all input methods...

FitalyLetris can be used as a training tool with all input methods. Fitaly, of course, but also Calligrapher, Letter Recognizer, Block Recognizer, the default Keyboard and other methods

FitalyLetris comes with a large selection of tests. These include stock test phrases as well as the 125 and 400 most frequent words of the English language.

The Train menu includes additional tests that correspond to regions of the Fitaly keyboard and to special characters: Symbols.

You can also supply your own tests for the menu positions initially marked as Text 1 through Text 5. For example, on the left, Text 1 has been redefined as "My Own Test."