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SmallMenu/SmallMenuPlus are Pocket PC softwares which integrate task manager and cascading program launcher. You can execute, switch, and close programs by SmallMenu/SmallMenuPlus.

Executing SmallMenu/SmallMenuPlus will bring up an integrated menu which contains a task list with icons and cascading program menus.

Remarkable features of this software include:

  1. Compact, fast and light.
  2. Shows task and program icons including Pocket Outlook icons that other task managers do not display.
  3. Non stylus operations. Executing, switching, and closing programs can be accomplished when the program is assigned to a hardware button.
  4. Cascading program menus.
  5. Easy custom program launch menu configuration.
  6. Battery status can be displayed on the Navigation bar. (except Pocket PC 2000)
  7. Easy battery monitor icon configuration. (except Pocket PC 2000)
  8. Selecting "Today" item on the main menu raises "Today" screen. (Plus)
  9. Replacing Start Button to raise SmallMenu. (Plus)
  10. Easy Start Button image configuration. (Plus)
  11. Lists recently executed programs. (Plus)
  12. Automatically closes tasks which exceed the limit specified by the user. (Plus)
  13. Background tasks can be closed without raising the window on the top. (Plus)
  14. "Favorites" can be easily accessed via cascading menus. (Plus)

  15. Main menu items are flexibly configurable. You are able to list most accessing program items in the main menu. (Plus)

  16. Pocket PC can be turned off via the menu. (Plus)

Easy one-handed task management operation can be achieved with the Action Control of your Pocket PC.

When assigning SmallMenu/SmallMenuPlus to a hardware button, for example, to record button, you can push the button to pop up SmallMenu/SmallMenuPlus and choose the desired program/task by rocking up/down the action control.

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