PHM Pocket PC PowerToys

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PHM AutoPlay PowerToy

Automatically start a defined application when a device is inserted or enabled.
You can for exemple automatically start the file explorer whenever a storage card is inserted, your web browser when a network card is inserted, or the Connection Manager when a modem is detected.

PHM Notepad PowerToy

A text notepad that can read and edit ANSI, Unicode (both little endian and big endian) and UTF-8 files.

PHM Reset PowerToy

The Reset PowerToy is a small application enabling you to perform a soft reset (reboot) of your device as the reset button would.

It will display a confirmation dialog as a reset will lost any information you were working on in open application that have not been saved to the filesystem.
Your Storage Memory and storage cards are however safe.

You can run it in silent mode to reset without confirmation using "reset.exe /s".

PHM Run PowerToy

The Run dialog like on the desktop, enable you to start applications using a command line, including parameters.

PHM Screensaver PowerToy

Turns your Pocket PC display off and hold harware buttons without suspending the applications.
Usefull if you want to save battery power without interrupting network connections and audio playback, for exemple while downloading a large file from the network or the Internet, or while playing music.

Press the action button to turn the screen back on and stop Screensaver.

PHM Suspend PowerToy

The Suspend PowerToy is a small application without any user interface that simply suspend your device as the power button would.

It can be used to place a Suspend item in the Start menu like desktop versions of Windows, to do so, select it in Start > Settings > Personal > Menus > Start Menu.

It can also be assigned to a hardware button if you don't like the location of the power button on your device, to do so, assign it to a button in Start > Settings > Personal > Buttons > Program Buttons.

Finally, it can be used from several applications like task switchers if they provide a mean to link to another application and don't provide a suspend function by themselves.

PHM TaskMan PowerToy

A very lightweight Task Manager like the standard Windows CE one found on Handheld PC and embedded devices.
Lets you switch to or terminate any task running on your system, unresponsive tasks can also be terminated.

A more complete Task Manager is available for download separately, note the difference is this one is called "PHM TaskMan", after the standard filename of the Task Manager found on Windows 9X and CE ; while the other, much more full featured, is called PHM Task Manager, and its filename is TaskMgr, after the filename of the similar utility in Windows NT.

PHM TrayLaunch PowerToy

Enables you to put shortcuts to applications and documents on the Today screen notification area.
Applications will not be loaded in memory until you tap on them, making it the best solution to have quick access to them from the tray without wasting RAM.

PHM Meters PowerToy (upcoming)

PHM Meters PowerToy is a Today item that displays several "meters" providing information about your battery, memory and other items on the Today screen.
As with all Today items, it can be enabled and disabled, as well as configured in Start > Settings > Personal tab > Today applet.

Upcoming - This PowerToy is planned for next release and is not yet available.
In the meantime, you can still get PHM Today Meters 0.1.
The version that will be included in PHM Pocket PC PowerToys is a complete rewrite.

PHM Administrative Tools PowerToy

Control panel applet that gets displayed on the "System" tab of the "Settings" screen.
Enable you to create a new subfolder containing shortcuts to utilities.

The actual folder is located at \Windows\Administrative Tools

PHM Databases PowerToy

Control panel applet that gets displayed on the "System" tab of the "Settings" screen.
Enable you to list and clean your system databases (CEDB).

PHM Fonts PowerToy

Control panel applet that gets displayed on the "System" tab of the "Settings" screen.
Enable you to list and preview installed fonts.

PHM Scheduled Tasks PowerToy

Control panel applet that gets displayed on the "System" tab of the "Settings" screen.
Enable you to list and delete scheduled tasks (notifications).

This can be used to fix the Notification Error "Cannot execute [some application]".

PHM Character Map PowerToy

Lets you input special characters from a selected font, usefull for accented characters not available in other input methods and graphical fonts like Wingdings, Webdings and Bookdings.
You can change the font from the SIP options screen.

PHM Clipboard Pane PowerToy

The PHM Clipboard Pane let you reorganize documents by moving chunks of text around using cut/copy/paste functions and text clipbook.

PHM Ext. Keyboard PowerToy

The PHM Ext. Keyboard is an empty input panel you can use when you have an external keyboard connected (such as thumb, collapsible, foldable, wireless, ... keyboard) and do not want an input panel to take valuable screen estate.