Magic Button - Pocket PC Task Manager

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There are plenty of Task Managers available for Pocket PC. However if you are still searching for the right one, try this software.

Why Magic Button worth considering to download and replace your existing one:
  • It is free for personal use.
  • Does not take up any of your screen real estate, yet easy to access.
  • Located on title bar but does not cover any standard info, i.e. Sound icon, notification icon... It matches perfectly with the current theme.
  • Very small foot print (memory usage). Only 70kb executable file does it all (help file is extra).
  • Makes close button really close applications. Just in case you haven't noticed, the default one only minimizes them.
  • Provides Task bar with running task icons, activated by tap and hold on the Close/OK button. It hides automatically when you don't need it. Map a hardware button to MB then show or hide task bar with a touch.

Magic Button looks clean and blends surprisingly well with Pocket PC OS. For those who do not want too fancy or too complicated Task Manager, this is for you.

Download EXE

Download CAB


On 7/12/2006 5:00 PM , Anonymous said...

OMG!!! this program is amazing!! it works great on the verizon 6700 (which doesnt include a taskmanager unlike most PPCs). Easy to use, and you cant tell its there unless you know you installed it

On 8/05/2007 12:55 AM , Anonymous said...

Does not work on T-Mobile Dash running Windows Mobile v6.

On 8/05/2007 8:01 AM , BulsaPC said...

this app came out before wm6 did. i hope the coming versions support it