BattSleep v1.3

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Have you ever forgot your media player running and completely drain your battery? PDA won't automatically power-off for some reason.
How many times have you lost your data because of loss of battery power?

This is a powermanagement component, with a very small footprint, that resembles laptop power management utilities which put the system into standby when the battery reaches a preset critical level.

Once the present threshhold is reached then an alert is initiated and a preset countdown is started.
At the end the system will turnoff, unless the PDA is connected to the power.
If power is supplied then the shutdown is aborted and the checks are reset.

This utility is far from user friendly, but it's small, it does what it says and it uses virtually no resources.

Future version will include:
- User friendly configuration.
- Multiple battery percent thresholds.

By: Haim Lichaa

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